School transport

Secure and efficient, the Ecsellis School bus serves different areas and is adapted to the needs of each individual.


Code of conduct

So that each pupil is aware of the rules to be followed on the school bus, the following document outlines the “code of conduct” and must be signed by both the pupil and one of his or her parents.

If a driver must inform us of a breach of these rules, a 1st warning will be issued to the address of the pupil. After the 3rd warning, the pupil will be permanently excluded from using school transport.

  • Pupils must never stand in the road while waiting for the bus and must remain on the pavement or on the roadside.
  • Pupils must be punctual and wait in the designated area for the school bus.
  • Compensation for the cost of repair or replacement of any material damaged by the pupil will be claimed from the pupil or his/her parents.
  • As soon as he / she is seated in the bus, the pupil must fasten his / her seatbelt and leave it fastened until arrival.
  • Pupils must speak quietly without screaming or shouting. All abusive and vulgar language is forbidden in the vehicle.
  • Eating and drinking is not allowed inside the bus.
  • Except in case of emergency, the pupil must not speak to the driver when the vehicle is in motion.
  • The pupil must not leave a mess in the vehicle.
  • At all times, and particularly when getting on or off the bus, pupils must act in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Pupils must follow the driver’s instructions at all times.

It is also forbidden to:

  • Push or shove;
  • Change seats or stand up when the bus is in motion;
  • Throw objects in the bus;
  • Touch the door mechanism;
  • Throw rubbish in the vehicle;
  • Damage the seats or other parts of the bus.