School transport

General conditions

The service is aimed at all children from the age of three and aims to satisfy demands for transport.

There are a limited number of places available, so we advise you to reserve a place as early as possible for your child(ren). The yearly enrolments are dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis. If there are free places, an enrolment during the course of the year is possible.

Timetables and bus routes

The pupils must adhere to the scheduled bus timetable at the time and place specified.

Changes and exemptions will not be approved without prior consent of the head of transport services.

For a surcharge, a door-to-door transport service is possible under certain conditions. For more information please ask the transport service.

Pupils are advised to wait for the bus at the agreed bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled departure. The bus is not there to wait for passengers: passengers should wait for the bus.

For security reasons, the service may be exceptionally disrupted due to extreme weather conditions (storms, heavy snowfall, icy roads). In this case, parents will be informed immediately.

The timetable is calculated as closely as possible. However, as a result of traffic or weather conditions, we cannot guarantee that the bus will always be punctual.

School transport is subject to general school regulations. The school reserves the right to engage in proceedings in the case of wilful misconduct.

Contacting the bus drivers

A mobile telephone number is assigned to each bus. If necessary (delay, illness etc.), the bus driver can be contacted by text message only. These telephone numbers are given upon enrolment and are available on the school website and from the transport service.


All requests for exceptional or temporary changes to the required bus journeys must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Telephone: 022/362-11-57


The request will be accepted and confirmed according to the availability of seats on the bus in question. This procedure is necessary in order to allow a strict control of access to the bus and to ensure the safety of all passengers.


The school reserves the right to exclude any child who does not respect the rules and obligations connected to the bus service (see code of conduct).

In the event of any violation of the rules, parents are informed in writing with a first warning. After the third warning, the pupil will be suspended temporarily or definitely from the school transport service.