The pupils demonstrate polite and respectful behaviour towards teachers as well as towards their colleagues. Any divergence is sanctioned.


A pupil who engages in violence towards his fellow pupils will be excluded from class immediately. After a meeting with the parents, the school principal will decide upon either a temporary or permanent exclusion.

Illicit substances:

Every pupil who is caught under the influence of illicit substances will be sent directly to the principal, after a responsible person has been notified. As a security measure the pupil will be transferred in a taxi and the parents will be charged. The destination will be chosen by the parent contacted by phone. A meeting will then be organised with the parents to make clear that if the incident is repeated, a definite exclusion from the school will be inevitable.


There is an irrefutable ban on smoking on the school grounds during school hours – that is from 7.30 till 18.00. Any pupil caught smoking will be sanctioned with a day’s suspension.

Social media:

Using images of people without their consent on social network sites is strictly forbidden. This includes images taken during lesson time that show pupils and/or teachers. If the images are proliferated without the school’s permission, the latter reserves the right to take legal action. This also counts for any written text that is slanderous or vulgar.

Mobile phones:

The pupils are not allowed to use their mobile phones during lesson times – that is between 7.20 and 16.00.


The school declines responsibility for the loss or theft of any items.

Collective punishment:

Collective punishment involving the entire class cannot be carried out without the principal’s specific permission.


A suspension takes place at home, at the parents’ workplace or another place, but in no case on the school premises.

Exclusion for disciplinary reasons:

In the event of a school exclusion for disciplinary causes, the school reserves the right to claim the full school fees as compensation.

Exclusion from a course:

A pupil who has been excluded from a course needs to tell the secretary who will immediately contact a parent by telephone. In the case of a repeated offence, the pupil may be excluded from the entire course.


Sports clothing is prohibited. This is because it is a symbol of a certain type of youth who doesn’t necessarily value hard work. To avoid confusion, out of respect for other pupils, for the teachers and for themselves, this type of clothing is strictly forbidden. In the event that this rule is broken, after having informed the parents, the pupil will be excluded from school for the day.