Active pedagogy.
Students from 6 to 16 years old.


Weekly courses in yoga and music!


The star programme is designed for students in need of a personalised programme of education (preparation for the entrance exams for gymnasial schools, sport/art studies, remedial education).


The opportunities after schooling are:

  • entry into the private gymnasium (maturity diploma)
  • entry into ECG of Vaud or Geneva (entrance examination)
  • vocational training (apprenticeship or vocational school)
  • entry into the gymnasial schools of Vaud or Geneva (entrance examination)

So that a young girl’s dream could become reality!

« The engagement of the most passionate teachers over the course of several years allowed me to gain self-confidence and realise that I had the capacity to learn and to develop. In addition, being able to continue to train in parallel with my studies made going to school a great pleasure. Later on, I was able to qualify for the Olympics thanks to the exceptional support and supervision.

I will always be grateful for what the school has done for me. »


Marisa Lavanchy (Swiss record holder of the 4 x 100 m / 2 participations in the Olympics)